Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear ______ ,

Dear Pumpkin Delight,

Thank you so much for sending on the recipe for spoon bread, and for re-posting your tortilla soup recipe. The tortilla soup was a smash hit! Blane ate three bowls for dinner and wants it again today for lunch.

Teenage debauchery was so much fun, I have to admit. I think that the best part of being a teenager is going through life without knowing the implications of what you are doing. The blissful ignorance. The braissen outspokenness. The bold gestures. The fearless chance taking.

To be honest, I always hated drinking in that park. It just felt so undignified. Even at 15 I much rather preferred a martini in a skyline apartment with Ella Fitzgerald playing in the background.

Did you ever see the movie Sweet Charity with Shirley Maclaine? Remember when she met the Italian movie star and he took her to that restaurant/nightclub and everyone was wearing black and walking around in typical Bob Fosse fashion? That was have been my dream teenage house party.

By the way, you were right. The jack-o-lantern that I carved was the starry eyed one. How did you know?

Dear Mom#1,

Wow! Can I have what you are on?

I am glad you seem to be feeling better, or at least distanced from the pain! Have you had your surgery yet?

Dear JLo,

Lurk away, gorgeous!

The fall trees were always my favourite thing about growing up in a climate with four distinct seasons. The beauty of it was the one thing I never took for granted.

OK so I am perfectly happy living without having to rake up those leaves every week, but after you are done, and the leaves are in a big pile, you jump in them and throw them around and it makes it all worth it.

Dear Jason

I suppose the viaduct is a bit creepy. I mean technically it would have been the perfect respite for kidnappers, hobos, murderers, child molesters and possibly aliens, but whenever I looked at it all I could see was the history and immense man power and engineering it would have taken to construct something like that over 150 years ago.

Old buildings have always managed to put me in a trance like state. For some reason I feel connected to them. My imagination starts to run wild and I try to experience what the building would have looked like new, who owned it, how it was used and what clothes were they wearing.

PS I guess you have to give snaps to Kim! She called you out, Grandpa!!

Whilst we are on the topic of gorgeous grandparents,

Dear Grandma J,

It is great to see that you have been thoroughly enjoy your Thanksgiving season, and it seems to me that you have a lot for which to be thankful.

Of course I noticed your eyelashes. Do you remember how I said that you remind me of my favourite aunt? Well she always had long eyelashes too. It is spooky the similarities.

In certain parts, that river was deeper than it appears in the photos. Enough to go rafting, but not canoeing. I must first point out that my brother and I never got very far because the blow-up raft we used had a slow leak and we spent most of our Great Adventure floating around half underwater.

Come to think of it, rafting was a pretty stupid idea, we would have had better luck using the old water bed mattress.

Dear Everyone in the World Right Now,

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend. We don't celebrate it down here, but every odd year I will throw a big Thanksgiving dinner party to keep the tradition alive for me. This was an even year.

If you celebrate, is it your tradition to put up your Christmas tree and decorations the day or weekend after Thanksgiving? Have you done so? I want pictures!!!!

love, Hula Hank x

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