Friday, November 21, 2008


As my sister said, this is exactly how she likes her men... on their knees.

The above photo is one of my favourites. I think it is such a beautiful shot of my bro's family. Do I sound all butch saying "bro"?

The brothers.

It is all fun and games until someone puts their hand in someone else's sweaty arm pit. We must have been in to holding people up that day...
My sister brought over a few bottles of some amish wine called Frost Fire or Fire Frost or None of the Above. I don't remember, I didn't even know the amish could drink. Anyway the wine is sickly sweet and gives you a hangover after about one sip. Which is why I had to immediately switch to manhattans.
Actually that is a funny story. You remember how I told you that my mother lives about 78 hours drive from the nearest store?
Well, after we ran out of wine, my mother brings a big box up from the basement. It was filled with Bourbon, Sweet vermouth, Vodka, Bitters, half empty wine bottles and almost empty bottles of tequila and margarita mix. She said that she saved it from the last time I came out... 6 years ago!!!
Well desperate times call for desperate measures. There is nothing left in the box.

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