Saturday, December 6, 2008

On the lam..

Well, I have not posted anything this week. Pathetic, I know.

I figured that everyone deserved a break from the World's Longest Slide Show, because believe me, there is a lot more to go! I have also been really swamped at work as I trying to prepare a whole new budget as the government has decided to cut it's funding to my department in half.

OK, I must admit to you now, that while those above reasons are true, the real reason I have not posted is because I am addicted to recently discovered application on Facebook called Mafia Wars.

In all of my spare time I have been robbing drug dealers, holding bank heists and buying Italian restaurants to pay for my new bullet-proof Escalade.

I do have some interesting posts coming up including the return of Tuesdays with Tony, Fabulous Friday, four new additions to my family and some essays I have been working on ("Why I Hate Mary Ingalls" & "Neuroplasticity and Quantum Mechanics: More Than Just Big Words").

I must close here because I need to go burgle an art museum.

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