Thursday, March 13, 2008


Part of my job role entails me attending various trade shows to promote my company's product. Often times at these trade shows, a large number of stands are filled by products who have absolutely nothing to do with the trade-at-large.

These products are usually domestic items to make a housewife's life easier. The sales people for these domestic goddess items are usually spunky older women with short haircuts and sensible shoes, and will say anything, no matter how ridiculous or dated to sell their product.

The following sales lines were heard at the past trade show:

For a special plate that instantly brings metal to a brilliant shine:

"Imagine how much time you will save polishing all your silver. Ladies, what are you going to do on your Sundays now?"

Regarding food containers that vacuum seal food:

"You can take it right from the freezer to the microwave. and that is the best thing ever!"

I should also note that with these product, you can keep cheese fresh for 60 days. I haven't decided if that was good or bad point.

For bidet (and this is the best one yet):

"The great thing about a bidet is that it also cleans and you don't need to worrying about bits of toilet paper stuck to your pussy."