Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dear ______ ,

Dear Joseph,

Thank you! Welcome and stop by often! It is great to see a new face!

Dear Grandma J,

A cow walked into your car? Don't tell me that the farmer then tried to milk you.

I wait with bated breath every week to see which movie you choose. Those are the hard decisions in life. Do you ever choose a movie that you then regret seeing and immediately attend the next session of your second choice?

Also, what is your theatre snack of desire? (I was going to say 'choice' but realised I used that word to end the previous sentence.)

Dear Pumpkin Delight,

I was so devasted to miss seeing New Kids on the Block... and why are they still going by that name? I suggest a change to Old Men Around the Block.

It was Cher's last night performing (until later in the year) and I since I missed her 10 other farewell tours, I was bursting at the seams to see this one... until I got the price of the only tickets available.

Dear Katie,

Taking photos all day long is hard work! I don't know how you do it with such ease! I bow to your talents.

Dear Jason,

It's a deal! Did you go to one of the protests this past weekend?

Sorry to make this so short. I have been running around all day chasing MY NEW PUPPY!!!!

lOVE, Hula Hank

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