Wednesday, November 19, 2008


After a flight from Las Vegas, we hired a car at the airport and drove an hour to my mother's house in the Ohio countryside.

Before I begin, You will need a short history lesson. My Great-Grandma owned half of this town back in the 1910s/20s. She then divided her property up amongst her kids, who then did the same to their kids.

My immediate family grew up in the city but it has always been my mother's dream to escape the city hustle and bustle and build a home on the land where she grew up. About 10 years ago she finally accomplished this dream and built a quaint house on her inherited parcel of land.

This is my mother's house.

If you turn left on my mother's road, you will find my grandma's house next door. This is also the house that my mom grew up in.

If you turn right on my mom's road:

It will lead you to my Uncle Doug's property, which is next to my Aunt Shirley's property, which is next to my Uncle John and Aunt Jan's house, which is next to my Aunt Judy's house, which is next to my cousin's house.

Confused yet? Well on the other side of my Grandma's house begins my Grandpa's side of the family.

The closest grocery store to my mom is over 25 minutes away, and is mainly frequented by the local amish community. So what is the hottest activity to do at my mom's house?

Sit on the deck and look at her backyard.

Sometimes things get crazy when a group of wild turkeys run by.

If you are lucky you will see two groups. We were lucky.

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