Friday, November 14, 2008


From Los Angeles, Las Vegas is a five hour drive through desert and scrub bushes. It is very easy to imagine the wagoneer settlers journey through this land on their way to California. The blazing sun and the vast rocky landscape would not have been a joyride for those pioneers.

However for those of us who have hired an air-conditioned bright orange SUV, the trek is not so hard.

In the middle of this desert, the Las Vegas strip suddenly rises from the horizon. Let me be the first to tell you that Las Vegas is not an attractive city by day, but which one of us is very attractive in full sunlight?

What was the first thing we did in LV? Drink? Gamble? See a show? No way!

We went to M&M World!

Yes, that is right M&M World. A four storey building which sells all the m&ms you could ever imagine as well as m&m themed products: shot glasses, playing cards, stuffed animals, frisbees and clothing. They also have a cute little tour of how m&m's are made. Here we are in the tumbler.

Then we got to meet some real live fake giant m&m's!

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