Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Growing up where I did, I was lucky to have lived only a short distance from the most beautiful branch of the Cleveland Metroparks. On summer break, my brother and I used to ride our bikes down here and hang out in the woods.

Later on, in high school a certain section of the Metroparks was where everyone partied, and by partied I mean sit around a get drunk. Of course to get to this section you had to climb in the dark down steep hills and narrow paths, that is if you made it past the cops first.

Now this old party section has become the latest edition of the Metroparks to get a makeover compelete with a proper pathway and signs which tell you all about the area's gristmill history.

Gone is the graffitti, beer cans and stench of teenage debauchery... you know, the good old days.

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