Friday, November 7, 2008


We decided to stay an extra day in LA and go to Universal Studios theme park, or as I like to call it "The Place That Likes to Squirt Water in Your Face".

It all started with the 4-D movie of Shrek, we wore 3-D glasses and the chairs moved around based on what was happening on the screen. In one scene Donkey sneezed and somehow water was sprayed in our faces.

Then we toured the Universal studio back lots. We were shown the Desperate Housewives Wisteria Lane set, Jaws set and something from The Mummy, which took us inside a dark tunnel where water was sprayed in our faces.

Next we had to go on the all new Simpson's ride. They were still working on the exterior however it was done up to look like Krustyland theme park. We were shuffled into a few different rooms under the premise that Maggie consumed a substance that made her a giant baby who was innocently destroying Springfield a la King Kong.

We were put into cars which raised up towards a giant I-Max screen and we were sent on the adventure. The car moved to reflect what was happening on screen and the amazing part was it first took us down a hill of a rollercoaster and we all actually got butterflies in our stomach. Then water was sprayed in our faces.

There were two really excellent rides, one was Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park is a water ride through, you know, Jurassic Park. Everything is lovely until there is a breach in the security fences and T-Rex is on the loose!

Just as T-Rex is about to get us, we went over a waterfall and got water splashed in our faces. This just wasn't good enough for Universal Studios because soon after little dinosaurs popped up and water came flying out of their mouths and squirted us in our faces.

The other excellent ride was The Mummy:The Ride. The Mummy was actually a rollercoaster. A real live fast moving rollercoaster!!! We whizzed through tunnels of a pyramid until suddenly we stopped and scarabs started to cover the walls and water was squirted in our faces.

This is the one fountain in Universal Studios that did not squirt water in our faces.

The Son met The Simpsons. Homer messed up his spikey hair and it was flat for the rest of the day.

Meeting Spongebob made his year!

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