Saturday, November 1, 2008

DEAR __________________ ,

I thought I would try a new weekly thing

When I first started to blog, I knew nothing about the blogging world and how these programs work.

I still know nothing.

But the point is, I decided, in a sweeping moment, that I did not like Blogger's comments section and signed up with HaloScan. Now, I have decided that I love Blogger's comments section and hate HaloScan. The problem being that I don't know how to reverse this

I have attempted , but I cannot figure out how to remove the HaloScan code.

So, like in the Cabaret song "So What," I have come to terms with the fact that HaloScan is how it is going to be, small font (yes, Grandam J I hear ya!) and adverts (I don't even know what Blogger 08 is Pumpkin) and all.

I have only slightly figured out how to respond via e-mail to people who leave comments.

So in light of all of this shocking revolution, I thought it would be nice to respond to most people who leave a comment in the previous week. Also because the weekends are like a dead zone with bloggers... I wonder why that is? Are we all just trying to avoid doing work???

Without further ado.

Dear Mom #1,

Firstly, that was no cartoon. There is an actual tree you can drive through, but the famous one is not in Big Sur, but in the Sequoia forest outside of San Francisco in Sequoia National Park.. They may be others, I don't know, and I don't care.

I tried on the big wooden shoe, but it was a tad small for me... plus I am not really into clogs anymore.

That said, the Hollywood sign is pretty cool, although not a dominating as we are lead to believe by TV show, movies and cartoons. That said, it makes me wish we every city had a big sign that said some fabulous city name. Or my name. Or your name. How cool would that be?

Dear SarahB,

How distraught am I that I did not get to NYC to meet with you? Although I am loving your posts about opera. I have always had a hidden interest in opera, but it is similar to ballet, I think. One really needs someone who understands and loves it to fill them in on the good bits.

I love that fact that Bernadette Peters is coming to Australia! I was recently told that I have to go to conference in Adelaide next year, but I am not sure of the dates. Let's hope that Bernadette's performance and my conference are at the same exact time.

The only downside would be that fact that I would be in Adelaide. :(

Dear Grandma J,

I was really hoping that Astro Bear would be renamed Chip. But that is the way the cookie crumbles.

I am no where even near done telling you about our US journey and THAT shirt makes many a reappearance, almost worth a blog post of its own!!! But have I ever worn it to bed? Honestly? I may have once, by accident but I seriously can't remember for sure.

How cool was it to meet you for the very first time in LA??? That was one of my favourite bits of the journey.

Dear Mr Show,

Thank you. I value your values too!

Oh and by the way, if I was a kid on halloween, I would so keep coming back to your house with a a different mask! Gentle readers, just check out what Jason gave out to trick or treaters! Best house on the block!
Dear Rebeckah,
Why do I hate Mary Ingalls? I will have to write an essay on the subject. Keep an eye out for a Why I Hate Mary Ingalls post.
Love, Hula Hank

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