Friday, November 21, 2008


For those of you who are still paying attention... Yes, I am still talking about my fabulous four week road trip across the US that happened one million years ago!
We last left off in Cleveland at the Gospel Brunch.

Later on in the week, the whole family got together again for a major combo event of an early Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin carving and a weenie roast. Before the festivities began we took a few minutes to grab some family shots.

From Left: My oldest sister , my other sister , Myself and my big bro.

My sister's boyfriend and my oldest sister (exactly what is she reaching for??), the figure looming behind my oldest sister is my nephew, then my other sister, the son and my mom. The big flamer behind my mom is me, next to my brother is continued with his fiance-to-be and her son.

The only new face in this one is Stuart... Oh and now you can actually see my nephew's face. Something is happening off to the left (or is the right?) but only my sister and I can see it. Must be dead people!

This photo was taken directly facing the sun so that there would not be any shadows... as you can see it so totally worked!!!

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