Saturday, November 15, 2008


Las Vegas should only be seen at night. This town, whilst oddly placed in the middle of a scorching hot desert, was never meant to be seen in the harsh noon sun.
The lights! The people! The shows! The food!!!

The most famous Las Vegas night time attraction hands down are the fountain outside of the Bellagio. Every 15 minutes the fountain springs to life and dances to music. When you look at these photos, imagine Viva Las Vegas playing in the background.

Speaking of shows, You might be thinking, "Did we see any of the five different Cirque de Soleil shows or Cher or Bette Midler or Elton John or David Copperfield or even New Kids on the Block?"

The answer is No, we went to Vegas and did not gamble drink or see any shows. Just a tip if you are taking kids to Vegas: Vegas is a great place to take kids and Vegas is an even better place for adults, but the two worlds do not meet!

So long story short, if you go to Sin City with kids, be prepared to not partake in any sin.

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