Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm lovin' this craze on people's blogs to snap photos of the things people do throughout their day. I thought I would spread the love and share my day with you via pictures.

First I wake up, late as usual. I ripped off the covers and raced straight into the shower, got dressed and ran out the door. Sorry, no photos of any of the above events.

Of course, as I told you I was running late (as per normal) and I had an early meeting, so I pushed the speed limits, wove through cars and was making good time.
Until this:

And this:

This particular stretch of street is an official swan crossing. You must stop and wait. It is illegal to kill the swans, even if they step out in front of your car. I must admit that the thought of strangeling them did briefly cross my mind as all of these swans decided that they were going to take a break and stop right in front of me... for at least an hour.

When I arrived at the meeting, and went to park, all of the cars around me were blue. Do you tend to park next to a car that is the same colour and or make as yours?

The meeting went well, I think that they are interested, only time will tell. Who cares because now I need to race down to Fremantle to have lunch with a journalist.

This particular journalist has also over time became a close friend of mine. We have worked together to create many many articles and have shared many many laughs over many many lunches. I am not sure if it was the bottle of champagne or the beautiful sunny day, but this lunch was especially memorable.

First of all, the waitress/hostess was a tall German woman who wore a tiger print dress with Nike shoes. Then opposite us was a sweet old dear sat with both her stockings and her slip showing.

I should have bought her a cup of tea.

Oh yes! At the next table, two daughters had brought their mother to lunch for her 76th birthday celebration. The two daughters seemed genuinely pleased with themselves, they even bought her a lovely corsage. The mother sat the whole time leaning her head against her hand staring longingly out of the window.

The only time she came to life and smiled was when her grand daughter popped in to wish her.

Back to the office (PS - It was me who broke the cappucino machine) and finally on my way home. Sometimes I see the same cars at the same time and the same places, I have only seen this one once before, and I am still not sure whether to think it is cute or creepy.

I think it would be cute if there was a matching pink car called Miss Piggy. That would be adorable!!!

Now I am home, lounging on the couch and writing this blog. See?

What was your day like?

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