Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear _______ ,

Dear Pumpkin Delight,

Do you know what it is funny with my family owning most of the town my mother lives in, I don't actually know anyone there besides my grandma, aunts and uncles. At the time when my mother grew up, the town only had dirt road, no electricity or sewage systems. There were also no highways and it took several hours to even get to the city. My mom told me that most of the people that she went to school with no longer live around there because they just wanted to get out and find opportunity.

It is also a strong Amish community and as people moved out, the Amish bought up the properties. On this past visit I noticed that it was a much more Amish orientated, up the street there is now an amish school, market and meeting hall.

So yeah, needless to say, the town really knows how to party... did I just hear crickets?

PS I have just bought the corn meal... all I need now is the recipe! ;)

Live. Love. Eat.,

Welcome! I must admit that I couldn't stop looking the turkeys and wondering how they would taste... but that may have been the margarita talking.
I have been slowly working my way around your blog, and I like your cocktail/food philosopshy!

Dear Jason ,

Oh my goodness! That sounds like a classic photo! It always seems to be about the hand and arm placement, doesn't it? Hands out or on your hips equals gigantic fairy. Hand grasping your chin equals big macho man.

I don't have any photos like that.

Dear Mom #1,

First, I hope that you are feeling better, I know that your dental appointment was put off, but I hope that the pain is gone and even more important, you have a reached a peaceful calm and acceptance about the extraction.

If you are still nervous, I will ask my mother to send you a mostly empty and dusty bottle of 6-year old booze.

PS - If 2007 was all about sin and 2008 is all about reclaimed virginity, what is 2009 going to be about?

Grandma J,

Ever since you told me you occasionally dine on chicken nuggets at the movie theatre, I have been craving chicken mcnuggets.

That is not my cousin, that is my nephew. Thank you for thinking I couldn't possibly be old enough to have a 22 year nephew... but I am. I am a month or two older than he. ;)

Anyway, you are entirely correct, THAT SHIRT would have totally appreciated the day, however I wore it the day before and it was in the wash so I could wear it the day after. I do believe I hung it up on the line so that it could dry and watch the family take photos and eat turkey.

It enjoyed a beautiful sunny day overlooking the autumn leaves and green lawn, which my mother moes herself. She says it takes about three hours to do. For the record, it did not need to be mowed during my trip, or else I totally would have volunteered Stuart for the job.

Dear Everyone Who Left a Comment About MY NEW PUPPY Whom I Mentioned Once and Never Mentioned Again,

Photos to come. He is the coolest dog ever (with the exception of my original pug Mishka)! He falls into the pool and jumps into the spa, eats the cat's furballs and looks like a chenile teddy bear!

Love Hula Hank

PS - Dear Bossy,

Woot! Woot!

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