Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hmmmmm... absolutely no posts written by me in the month of March.


I do have a good reason... three good reasons actually.

1. My Mom came out to visit for the entire month of March. I initially thought that I would have time to laze around and write a new post everyday, but alas, we were having such a good time that I rarely even got on the computer.

2. I have been working on something which cannot be announced publically until I announce it publically, which is not now.


3. I died. I turned another year older in March and as I am reminded by the kids in the mall who, as they check out other kids in the mall, vacantly bump into and walk through me without noticing that they bumped into or walked through someone... I am too old to exist.

Pictures soon, but of course I will only appear as a glowing white blur.