Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Watercolour Memories

In September, after a five year absence, I will be returning to the US for four weeks. Since booking the plane tickets, everyday activities such as driving down the street, going to sleep or watching TV have thrown me into deep nostalgic thoughts about times gone by.

I heard a song the other day which sparked a memory that I had long forgotten. Sometime in my mid-teens, my good friend (whose site may or may not be in my blog roll) and I used to go roller-skating every Friday night.

Afterwards we would somehow get our teenage hands on a bottle of vodka and get drunk on lemon drops. You know, a shot of vodka followed up by sucking on a lemon wedge that was covered in sugar.

I know. I know. Underage drinking!!!…

I had a good laugh at the silliness of it all. I can’t even remember what we did after drinking the lemon drops. Talk? Listen to music? Play dress up? Pretend to be disco superheroes? For some reason, the only mental image I get is of striped socks.

PS to Youknowwho – When I am in town, we should so totally go roller skating!!

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