Thursday, September 4, 2008


A far few months ago, I took a vote for which Legendary Lady of the Silver Screen I was most like, and you chose Lauren Bacall.

At that time, I was also going to open up a separate vote for which Leading Man of the Silver Screen I am most like, but I did a george w and went over your heads without your knowledge or vote and decided that I am most like (and wish I was) Rock Hudson.

I admit that it was wrong of me to remove that power away from you but let's look at the facts: Rock was 6'4" I am 6'4" Rock was gay. I am gay. Rock was drop dead gorgeous. I am drop dead gorgeous. What? you have never seen a picture of me? Well, just take my word for it.

Also, and this is the most disturbing, I have a dead celebrity crush on Rock Hudson. Which is only creepy when you think about too hard, so it is best to not think about it.

I am sure that you have a dead celebrity crush too. Anyone? Bueller? ...Bueller?

To make up for my disgusting misuse of power, I am bringing an actual vote but this time for who is your favourtite Leading Man of the Silver Screen.

There will be five candidates vying for this hot spot. Over the remainder of the week. I will do a quick briefing on each one and then open up a poll for your to cast your vote.

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