Monday, September 8, 2008


The other night I was going through the clearance bin at the local video store. I have scored some great deals this way... remember when I scored the last copy of Bette Midler's Gypsy which I found at the very bottom of the bargain bin. The bonus: It was reduced to $4.99!

It may come as no surprise to you that I love the Muppet Show, however I have never got around to get any of the seasons on DVD. I don't know why, once had The Muppet Show on DVD in my right hand and Gumby in the left and sorry, Kermit, but Gumby won out.

So as I stated earlier, the other night I was going through the clearance bin at the local video store and I came across 5 episodes of The Muppet Show for only $3.99. Seriously, despite how much I want this series on DVD, I actually stood there and thought about it.

After some serious deliberation, I decided to look at the guest stars and decide. Well, It was 1. Valerie Harper (whatever) 2. Twiggy (mmm.....) 3. Ethel Merman (wait. what? ETHEL MERMAN!! THIS IS THE EPISODE WITH ETHEL MERMAN IN IT!!! AND IT IS ONLY $3.99???) OK who else is on here...) 4. Whosit (ETHEL MERMAN!) 5. Someone Orrather (THE ETHEL MERMAN EPISODE IN THE BARGAIN BIN!!!!!!!)

So then I put it back... Huh? Did I just hear you scream "WHAAAAT?!?"

I know, I so put it back. I figured that if it was still there after I looked at everything else in the video store, then it was fated to be in my possession.

Surprise! Surprise! It was still there, so I bought it.

In this very special episode with Ethel Merman, along with the other muppets, she performs a medley of all the songs she made famous. Then she has a hilarious little ditty with Miss Piggy and Kermit where Ethel breaks a glass with her high note. Then she consols Fozzie with a beautiful rendition of "There's No Business Like Show Business."

Oh yes, and throughout her numbers she punched like 6 muppets in the head. What was up with that?

As I wrote before, I have left my job to start another one with an Alzheimer's association, and I have one day off; today.

So in Ethel's honour, I put on every single recording of Gypsy that I own and have been walking around the house pretending that I was Mama Rose on stage.

Please tell me that you have a room in your home where you pretend to star in musical and dance around????

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