Friday, September 12, 2008


I have had such a gruelling week at the new job! I have read, I think over 12 million if not billion pages of research, summaries, contracts, clauses and projections on the new product. Today is Friday and I am going to make myself a nice cold vodka Martini.

The Fabulous Martini!

The recipe for my fabulous marinti:

Put loads of ice in a cocktail shaker. Pour in 2.5 lidfuls (the lid being from the cocktail shaker) of vodka. Gently shake and set aside to chill even further.

In a chilled martini glass, pour in a drop of dry vermouth, swirl around the glass, and then dump out the excess.

I like my Martini dirty, so I add a spoonful of olive brine.

Strain the chilled vodka into the martini glass. Add three of the biggest green olives available, preferably stuffed with bleu cheese.

Drink up before it gets warm!

What is the recipe for your favourite wind-down cocktail?
UPDATE: I forgot to mention that there are two secrets to a good Martini. The first make sure your glass, and vodka are exceptionally well chilled. The second is to always use a top shelf vodka. Stoli makes the classic Ab Fab martini, but Belvedere and Grey Goose also make an excellent option. Is suggested to not use potato based vodka as some Polish vodka tend to be made. They are perfect for sipping straight on the rocks, but not for a Martini

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