Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ever see National Lampoon's European Vacation? When they check into the hotel that looked "great" in the brochures, but was a total dump in real life????

We just landed in San Francisco and checked into our hotel. Tomorrow we are moving to a new hotel. If you are ever in SF, I can tell you where NOT to stay, unless you like the Crack Hotel in the middle Dodgeyville... some people are into that.

This place has mustard drapes and olive green bedspreads completed with yellow stucco walls. The website states that it was completely renovated in 2006, I shudder to think what it looked like before. (I WILL POST THE PICS ONCE THEY GET UPLOADED)

Now before I continue sounding like I am complaining, to me it is just another funny happening in what is only the beginning of this journey!

I was warned that this hotel was further into a neighbourhood of homeless and transvestite prostitutes, but we thought it would be fun and part of the experience. We even laughed as we walked passed three missions and a burned out building all within one block of the hotel.

The joke was over when saw the drapes.

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