Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wxxxxxxx Wednesdays! (18/50)

Up to this point, my writing on this blog has been whatever random thought has come into my head. I have relied on my totally unreliable motivation to keep it going on a regular basis.

I am not a person who likes to live within strict structure; however I believe that I need to add structure to my blog for millions of reasons, one being that structure may be the bran needed to keep Hula Hank regular.

To keep it fun and within the boundaries of my interests, I have decided on the following topics:

Musical Monday – On this day I will share with you some of my favourite musicals, or favourite parts from musical, whether on stage or on film. This may include a video or a story or both.

Fabulous Friday – Fridays should be fun, so on Fabulous Friday I will write up a little post of people, places or things that I find fabulous.

I am very excited about these two special days, however I feel that there needs to be something special in the middle of the week. Wednesday (also known as Humpday), is a day when we need a little inspiration to make it through the rest of the week.

I cannot settle on a name for Wednesdays, so far, I have 1) Washed-up Wednesday, 2.) Wax lyrical Wednesday and 3.) Whatever Wednesday.

Dear loyal reader(s?), I appreciate that I have only ever in the history of this blog received a total of two comments, but I need you now more than ever. What I am strongly suggesting is that you give me word starting with “W” that goes well followed by “Wednesday”.

Once I have compiled enough W words, we will take it to vote!

Ready. Steady. Go!

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