Wednesday, June 4, 2008

coming out in mid-life in red state america (16/50)

Next on the Blogroll is “Coming Out in Mid-Life in Red State America”, which is a terrible mouthful to say, I have looked on this blog only a few short minutes ago and noticed that it has been shortened to just “Coming Out in Mid-Life”

I stumbled upon this blog when I was trying to find out back stories about men (or women) who came out after getting married and having families. To be completely honest, I don’t check this blog as often as I used to mainly because it is a little heavy on American politics for me.

No longer living in the US, I like to keep abreast of the political happenings, but not in depth. That said, the writer of “Coming Out in Mid-Life” has a heart of gold, along with some great stories. You have to love a person who was once an influential Republican but has now seen the light!

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