Monday, June 16, 2008

Fabulous Friday... On Monday!

Today’s Fabulous Friday topic is… Omelettes!!

Omelettes are a versatile anytime food and have limitless varieties, but Ok, Ok, omelettes are not terribly fabulous.

Who here learned how to make an omelette in school? It was complicated! You had to let the egg set in the pan, then lift to let the raw egg fall underneath so that it may cook. Then when it was all done, you had to somehow fold it over without breaking it and flip it onto a plate.

Let’s not even mention the water or milk debate.

I had completely given up on the omelette ages ago, until last year when I vacationed at a nameless tropical resort and every morning was given an omelette made to order. These cooks used the same techniques I used in school, only they made it look so simple.

Once I got back home I rushed out and bought the best omelette pan I could find, and set off ready to make mass orders of omelettes. In my mind, just by watching these cooks for 10 days, combined with a faded memory of middle school home ec, was all the practice I needed.

I arranged a Sunday brunch for seven people, which included croissants, jam, sausages, bacon, has browns, freshly squeezed orange juice and the piece de la resistance… made to order omelettes, cooked by moi!

In my mind, I was prepared. I was Martha Stewart, I believed that all the ingredients were fresh, perfectly prepared and, best of all, everything came perfect.

My bubble quickly burst when the first omelette ended being more like omelette flavoured scrambled eggs. No worries, the first one is always the test round.

Well, normally the first round is the test round, in this case rounds 1 - 6 were also test rounds. Each one coming out broken, burnt, raw, over cooked or scrambled.

By round 7, I had finally somewhat perfected the art of omelette making.. Or at least the art of making the omelette resemble an actual omelette. Thank goodness the last one was for me.

After that traumatic brunch, I put away the pan and apron and retired from omelette making.

Last week, I came across a clip of Julia Child teaching us how to properly make an omelette. She used techniques I had never seen before and it was all over in less than 30 seconds… wait, are we still talking about omelettes?

Julia Child revolutionised omelette making to me! She has reinspired me to not give up on the omelette and in return, for the past week, I have not been able to stop making omelettes!

A new world has opened up to me, and that is Fabulous.

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