Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i am bossy (14/50)

First up on my Blogroll is Bossy. Although technically, I believe it is ‘I am Bossy’, so Bossy’s blog should really be somewhere in the middle of my blogroll.

I came across Bossy via Someone in a Tree (who I came across via Joe. My. God. …who I came across by magic). I entered somewhere towards the end of Bossy’s Excellent Road Trip, during which Bossy drove around the US meeting all of her fellow blogging friends. I was immediately jealous. Not of the road trip, but that Bossy had so many friends.

How could Bossy NOT have so many friends? She is funny, intelligent, witty and creative. She somehow has the time for family, dog, photography, a bumper sticker business and still manages to make several posts in one day.

I also think she is a total genius for her “Guess and Press”.

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