Friday, June 20, 2008

Fabulous Friday.... Now 50% Off!

Fabulous Friday snuck up on me this week! I wake up on Monday and by the time I get to my offices, it is Friday… Seriously.

Yesterday I had the sudden inspiration to get a new pair of glasses, so I dragged my assistant out of the office and down onto the streets to hit all the eyeglasses shops. After trying on about 350,000 pairs of spectacles, I came to the decision I look good in absolutely anything that D&G produce.

The problem is: I am cheap. I am a fierce bitch, but I am also a cheap bastard.

I refuse to pay retail for anything. I was in absolute heaven after 9/11 when people stopped buying anything. Consumers first cut out any luxury or designer labels and shops such as Barney’s became desperate for customers. I found Dolce & Gabbana pants for 70% off, Gucci shoes for just under $55 and a beautiful cashmere sweater: $80.

I am no different when it comes to my eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are a double whammy as you first have to pay for the frames, then for the lenses. Even if you purchase the frames for half price, you still have to pay full price for the lenses. This does not make me happy.

Fortunately, right before my assistant and I left for the Great Glasses Search, one of my staffers gave me info about a website where you can order glasses at a discounted price and also get the lenses at a huge discount. I immediately asked this staffer to have my children.

So my assistant and I made the rounds to all the eyewear shops in the city entering each one like a tornado. Grabbing glasses, trying them on and inconspicuously writing down the model number and price so that when I get onto the website I can secretly have a thrill knowing exactly how much money I will be saving.

Is today’s Fabulous Friday about glasses? No! It is about saving over 50% on a medically necessary item. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Lenscrafters.

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