Monday, June 30, 2008

Fabulous Friday... on Sunday

I can't think of anyone more fabulous than Sarah Brightman. She has has the voice of an angel and a wardrobe to match.

Today on Fabulous Friday, we will take a look at the many different faces of Sarah Brightman.

First we take a look at early Sarah Brightman, with a disco hit under her belt, she lived everyday as a sequined space explorer looking for love:

Once back on Earth, Sarah Brightman became the Sea Siren:

Then her fingers got all wrinkly from the water and she decided to become an Insect Spy:

After someone pulled the wings off of her fly suit, she developed into the Earth Mother:

When all the apples had been eaten off the tree, Sarah Brightman gained enlightenment and was crowned Lunar Goddess:

After years of bouncing around almost weightless on the moon, she needed to feel the earth between her toes and she morphed into the Queen of the Desert Harem:

After the sun bleached out Sarah's raven locks, she fled to the forest where she was worshipped as the Gothic Faerie Queen (ps - Don't you just love the dress?)

I cannot wait to see what visual delights the Symphony World Tour will hold... I only hope that it is not the same grande finale for the third tour in a row.

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