Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Official... You've Voted Me "Lauren Bacall"

A while ago, I asked you which Legendary Lady of the Hollywood Screen I am most like. After many strenuous weeks of lobbying, campaigning, fund raising and television advertising, a whopping 45% of you declared me to be most like LAUREN BACALL.

This is a very proud moment for me, as obviously you feel that not only am I witty, intelligent and full of class, I also look damn good in a gown.

Let’s take a moment from our champagne guzzling to look at how the other candidates fared.

Jane Russell, who I feel that I share a lot of physical traits with (besides, you know, at least one very important trait) but not much life philosophy attributes, only received 11% of the vote.

There was a two way tie between Joan Crawford and Mae West (a fact I am sure Joan would not have been happy about), both receiving 22%. Joan Crawford was what now may be described as an OCD clean freak. Mae West, an OCD sex freak with brilliant one liners. Obviously 44% of you think I like to have sex whilst wearing rubber gloves (and 44% of you may not exactly be wrong).

The most shocking was that no one, absolutely ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, of you thought I was even remotely similar to Elizabeth Taylor. I am undecided as if to be offended or relieved about that.

The next big vote will be which Legendary Man of the Silver Screen I am most like. I do not want to sway the voting, but please vote for Rock Hudson.

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