Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hula Hank Looks Like...

Yet another Google Party Trick! You may remember from this post that I came across a fun Google trick on The Jason Show where you type your name into Google followed by a partial phrase (i.e. "likes", "needs", "wants to") and see the first 10 things that come up.

Here is what happend when I typed "HULA HANK LOOKS LIKE..." into Google.


… Monkey Magic, in my opinion. (I will have to research this one, as I don’t what Monkey Magic is and if I do in fact, look like Monkey Magic)

…one of those football guys with a 3 month pregnant belly. (I thought I wasn’t showing yet!)

…they had sex the whole way there. (and boy are my arms tired!)

…he’s almost to the point of walking on water and turning water into wine. (A fabulous red wine, perfectly paired with roast lamb)

…you! (Hello, gorgeous!)

…the before shot in a Proactive ad.

…attractive to me. (I think you’re hot, too!)

…John Glover. (Touch my heart. With your foot.)

…adorable in these photos, if I do say so myself, I love his chubbiness. (bitch.)

…too clean to be real. (I would hate to smell this person)

And a pinch to grow an inch:

…a homeless fitness trainer. (Those fabulous arm muscles came from years of pushing aluminium cans in a shopping cart.)

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