Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update on Colin the Whale


"A spokesman for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service said euthanasia was the "most likely option" for Colin. This would be done with an overdose of anaesthetic.

"Euthanasia is still the most likely option," NPWS spokesman Chris McIntosh said.
"The animal has taken a turn for the worse."

Vets are examining muscle movement and preparing to take a blood sample.

"He is spending more time on the surface. His muscles are more relaxed," Mr McIntosh said.
He then repeated: "Euthanasia is the most likely option.

"The question is the timing. We want to do it promptly to minimise the stress."

The enormity of the task of saving Colin should not be underestimated. State Government sources and industry sources today have indicated the cost of a rescue could top $1million and go as high a $2million. "

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