Wednesday, August 6, 2008

D-LIST Cybill Shepherd

Continuing to honour my D-List Blogebrity status, we are highlighting my favourite D-List celebrities.

Who doesn't love Cybill Shepherd? Well that is, who doesn't love Cybill Shepherd and wasn't one of her co-stars?

Cybill Shepherd has been lucky enough to star in two well respected movies (Taxi Driver & The Last Picture Show), two well respected TV shows (Moonlighting & Cybill) and a highly rated TV biopic about Martha Stewart.

Currently she is in the L-Word, but I have never seen the show, so we will just breeze over it.

Did I mention she also wrote an autobiography. Cybill Disobedience. Which, of course, I have read. Most people who know my reading habits, know that I am an avid reader of D-List celebrity autobiographies (and I stress AUTObiographies), that is when I am in between reading Tolstoy and Shakespeare.

I thought it was an overall enjoyable book, especially the bits about dating Elvis and teaching him how to... um... well just read the book (the chapter about Elvis is entitled 'White Guys Don't Eat ______").

I love what she believes in: Racial equality, Gay Rights, Pugs, Torch songs (oh yeah, she sings too).

Despite these honourable traits, I may have actually finished the book having less respect for her than I did before I read the book.

How on earth is that possible? Instead of embracing her diva attitude, she played the victim. The same terrible things kept happening to her with co-workers, etc... and instead of taking some fault that maybe her actions may have caused a bit of the unrest, it was passed over in a "why me" kind of way.

At the very end of the book, she tries to redeem herself by stating in passing that if the same things keep happening to you, you have to look at what actions you played. Too little too late.

I felt that if Cybill truly felt that she played a hand in the negative way others treated her, it would have been explored in the book for at least one chapter. Major disappointment.

It is now time that I must confess that her rumoured diva antics are what makes me like her.

So why am I honouring someone who I may or may not respect? Bottom line, if I was given the opportunity to have dinner with Cybill Shepherd, I would accept in a second because she is that awesome.

PS - Did I really just type "awesome"?

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