Friday, August 15, 2008


I seem to say that a lot. When did I become so technologically disabled that the actual words of my 30 Rock post didn't appear?

Not only did they not appear on the post, they were kidnapped by gypsies and sold into white slavery.

This 'oops' is exactly the reason why I love 30 Rock. It makes me forget, or at least feel better that I have no idea what is going in the real world.

30 Rock is witty, without making a point that the actors are being witty. Which means that if you don't catch the joke first time, you have something to look forward to the 25th time you watch that episode on DVD.

I almost forgot! Tina Fey does the best vocal impression of Condoleeza Rice.

The other day I was playing boss at a work-related cocktail party. I was having the most interesting & civilised conversation with an 85 year-old Englishman right up until he stated that the person he would most like to have a conversation with was Condoleeza Rice.

At that exact moment, Tina Fey's vocal impression replayed in my head and I burst out into laughter and literally, had to walk away. The Englishman was left standing there alone in partial shock. Thank goodness most of my staff already think I am a bitch or else the incident might have made me look rude.

Thank you, Tina Fey.

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