Thursday, August 21, 2008


From the Daily Telegraph:


"LAST-ditch attempts to save Colin the whale calf are in disarray, with the SeaWorld vet expected to arrive still on the Gold Coast this morning.

National Parks and Wildlife spokesman John Dengate last night told The Daily Telegraph that SeaWorld chief veterinarian David Blyde had been called to the Pittwater site, expecting him to arrive midmorning, leaving on a 10.55am flight.

He said the vet had been called in "to get a second opinion".

At The Basin site this morning, Mr Dengate again confirmed was expecting Mr Blyde and a SeaWorld team to arrive "mid morning".

However, when contacted by The Daily Telegraph at 9.55am this morning, Dr Blyde said he was still on the Gold Coast, with no definite plans to travel to Sydney today.

"I haven't spoken to National Parks and Wildlife this morning,'' Dr Blyde said.

Soon afterwards, he said the situation had changed, and he was now on his way to Sydney.

Rescuers are also awaiting confirmation of plans to involve the Australian Defence Force in Colin's rescue.

Meanwhile, A paediatric doctor has joined the fight to save Colin.

Dr Kurosh Parsi cancelled all his patients today and trekked through three kilometres of national park to get to The Basin on Pittwater.

As National Parks and Wildlife officers await the arrival of a Seaworld vet, Dr Parsi said they should be treating the whale as doctors would treat a casualty patient.

“I have heard a lot of noise from all over the country talking about what happens to the whale down the track,” said Dr Parsi.

“But we need to take one step at a time in an emergency. This is an emergency. The whale needs to be feed.” "

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