Friday, May 2, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Ridiculous (4/50)

Once again, something cool I am stealing from another blog The Jason Show

In Google, type in a phrase beginning with your name. In this case "Hula Hank likes", then take note of the first 10 site contents that come up beginning with the phrase "Hula Hank likes". Or at least I think that is how it works. If that is not how it works, then that is how it works now. How are the control issues coming along, you ask?


... to hump.

... to crawl around on the floor and pop anything into his mouth. (I wonder if this is related to number 1)

... to become one with is inner Joe Jackson from time to time. (Who doesn't?)

... to tinker. (See number 1 and 2)

... the Yellow Tail logo so much he's considering a tattoo of it. (cool logo, crap wine)

... go everywhere his daddy goes. (My heart belongs to daddy)

... to cook, laugh and have fun, but also has bad visions and is afraid of horses.

... cake. (Cake! Definitely cake! I love cake!)

... to write and runs a search engine in the outdoor industry. (I don't know what the fuck that means)

... to go to the dog park with Tanner and I. (Everyone loves going to he dog park with Tanner!)

And a pinch to grow an inch:

... to roll around naked in the sand.

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