Sunday, August 31, 2008


She must have been one determined girl!
I am pleased to announce that not only is the daughter currently at the horse show watching her friend compete, she was released from the hospital on Saturday morning!
It was a big surprise when I showed up to hospital on Saturday morning and she told me the surgeon came in earlier and told her that she can go home as soon as she packed up her things.
So my little Saab convertible was filled with life sized teddy bears, 6 bouquets of flowers, a large gift bag full of chocolate, 40 brand new nighties and pajamas, 11 stuffed animal horses, 63 cards, 17 hand drawn pictures, 6 mylar balloons, 13 DVDs, 9 magazines with titles such as "Girlfriend" "Dolly" and "Horse Beats" and one large bottle of scotch.
I think the scotch was meant as a gift for the partner and I.

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