Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Dear Sherry

I respect that we all have differences in beliefs and opinions, and I am all for discussing and celebrating these differences so it is with great respect that I say do not understand why you feel so much anger that I, as your fellow gay American, have been inspired and moved by the election of Barack Obama.

What clearly you failed to read in my words was that I do not feel Obama is a messiah or a saviour… even The Wizard was only a man.

However some men have charisma, vision and persuasive inspiration. Obama is such a man.

Only time will tell what kind of a President Barack Obama will be, however for one Tuesday in January 2009, most of the world inspired by the spirit of hope, joined hands with their neighbour and we all became one.

That feeling was what the world has been so desperate for and even if it was destined to last for only one Tuesday in January 2009, it will forever stand as a reminder that united, we as humankind are capable of greatness.

To me that is inspiring.

Sorry you missed it.

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