Friday, January 9, 2009


It is Friday night down here on the wrong side of the world. No one is home. Stuart is out getting Courtney set up for her first dressage show outside of the pony club circuit. Oh because did I mention that she got a new horse for Christmas?

Whilst they are down at the stables dying horses and painting hooves and braiding manes, Blane is out with his Grandpa at the bicycle races. Oh because did I mention he got a new skateboard for Christmas?

Soooooo, that leaves me home alone left to my own devices...

I debated watching Little House on the Prairie on the big screen, going for a swim in the pool or practicing my poached egg technique, but martinis and dancing around to club remixes of my favourite musicals won out.

This decision was made after watching a few bits of Nigella Lawson on YouTube.

Let me tell you about Nigella Lawson, she is English and she has a cooking show. I am sure that she is on the Food Network, so you may have heard of or seen her shows.

I have never been interested in Nigella because of the cookbooks she publishes. You know, one of those recipes books entitled How to Be A Domestic Goddess and have three pages of ingredients per recipe, all of which one would never be able to find without traveling to Italy and picking your own mushrooms and then popping over to Greece to prepare feta from Mrs. Dimitriadios's goat farm located on the highest cliff which can only be accessed by a 7 hour donkey ride.

OK, so I have never actually read one of her cookbooks, or even seen one of her shows before today but that is what I imagined them to be like.

The ladies at work are all jealous of her and my girls tell me that she cooks with her boobs hanging out and licking her finger like she was performing a bedroom act and how all of their husbands lust after her.

After hearing that I totally had to check it out!

So she is not is not as much of a culinary whore as all the women I know make her out to be. Alright so she cooks in black silk pajamas with full hair and make-up in a dimly lit kitchen.

But she is "woman" sexy, the kind of sexiness that women hate about other women. I reckon that my work mates are just jealous because deep down their husbands all wish their wives were like Nigella.

I don't blame them. After seeing the show, I want to be married to her too!

She pops out of bed in the middle of the night, looking drop dead gorgeous and in a relaxed and casual manner pulls a few ingredients out of her pantry and whips up Caramel Croissant Pudding, or Doughnut French Toast...

Nigella, please marry me now.

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