Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today I had a schedule jam packed with meetings, lectures and presentations. The prospects of eating lunch was not looking good, so I decided to pop into the only bakery in town that actually sells bagels.

I never eat breakfast.

Although I love breakfast foods, I cannot abide eating said foodstuff before 11:00am, but today, a nice morning bagel and cream cheese would keep my energy up and soothe the afternoon hunger pangs.

I walked into the bakery, drooled over the bagels, went to pay and oops!! I left my debit card, credit card and cash at home (45 minutes away).

I race out to the car and check every possible nook and cranny for lost change. I managed to scrounge up $2.50… Still two dollars short of a pack of bagels.

No time to beg passers-by, I had to rush off to my first meeting of the day, where the woman set out fruit mince pies and shortbread biscuits between us on the table. I was doing most of the talking in this meeting which means there was not even a slight chance to stuff my mouth with the leftover Christmas baking that was sitting before me.

Sometime around 1:30 in the afternoon I finally had ten minutes at my desk, where I found an old bag of Jelly Bellies. At this point I was feeling like a starving subway rat that spotted a fallen french fry.

My eyes turned beady and bright red, I glared and anyone who dared to walk past.

I checked the key to see what two flavours were left. What luck! Strawberry jam and peanut butter! So I combined equal parts of both types and ate them. My secret hope was that the flavour combination would trick my stomach into believing there was a sandwich on its was down.

I think it worked, now only if Jelly Belly made the flavours Escargot and Garlic Butter… I'm in the mood for French tonight..

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