Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Cards

OK, so it is Christmas Eve here already. I realise that the only post I have done about Christmas was complaining about work holiday parties... this one is not any different, except I have one other observation I want to talk about.
I am "working from home" today. Which means I am slaving over my computer doing work, but also drink a very large pitcher of long island iced tea and making cookies. I will let you decide whether (weather, wether... what? Is that correct? whether?) that is worth still being paid without counting towards an annual leave day.
Anyhow, yesterday I was invited to yet another work cocktail function for those of us who are "working" on christmas eve. I kid you not, the e-mail read as such:
"The drinks will take place from 2:30 until approx. 3:15 {what? 45 minutes for drinks?} As a special christmas request, please wash and dry your own glass."
Again, needless to say, I will not be attending that one. Not because I am unwilling to help out, but it is the point that it is shameful to put that on an invitation. Should I bring my own glass too?
OK, my second observation. I have been recieving quite a few christmas cards from my friends who still live in America.
However the Christmas "card" is just a photo of their kids with some printed inscription like "Happy Holidays".
I live in Australia, most of my friends and family still live in the US, so when I get something like this from them, I get excited!
Yet when I flip over the "cards" there is nothing but "Kodak" printed on the back. No letter, or quick hello.
So if I can make a suggestion to all of you who send out these cards, please please please write something... anything... on them! Child's ages, or a "Hello" maybe???
I love seeing photos and I love every last one of my friends, but I feel cheated, and I can guarantee you, that if I feel that way, 85% of the people who you send these too feel that way.
Now that that is out of the way, I love Christmas. I don't celebrate the religious aspects of it... I am personally an atheist who wishes he was Jewish. However I am a homo and this is the time of year where it is acceptable to throw around glitter, re-decorate and play fabulous music!!!!!
I want to make a special shout-out to Pumpkin Delight (I am too drunk to link right now), I hope you are having a fantastic time in Hawaii, and I really hope that you get a good lai. ;)
I love you all and wish that I could teleport and give everyone a big hug or fur purse (Hello, JLo!) and see your stained glass plates (Big smooches Grandma J!) and have naked picnics (Hugs Mr Show & Giancarlo and Live. Love. Eat.) and pretend to be a prima ballerina doing the Snow Pas from Nutcracker (Kisses Mom#1) and split a pitcher of holiday spirit (aka long island iced tea) with Bossy, Someone in a Tree, ktk, Nikki, Bloom, Sabrina T, Mush and learn all about opera (Big Texas love to SarahB).
I think I may have successfully talked the kids in celebrating Channukamas or Christmaskah next year.
Cheers, big ears!!!

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