Saturday, December 20, 2008

DEAR ________

Dear Mr Show,

Is your second grade show complete with a music teacher wearing a bad holiday sweater who sings the loudest using an opera style whilst banging away at the piano and conducting the kids at the same time?

I'll bring the champagne.

Dear Sabrina T,

Any special holiday spirit recipes you can share? Or is just drank straight from the bottle?

Actually a martini does sound nice right about now! My lower back is killing me and I think it will do the trick!

PS - How was The Night Before Christmas??

Dear Mush,

I learnt evil from the best. ;) XXX

Dear Nikki,

I feel like it has been ages since I saw you last! Toby is awesome so far, except for a little annoying habit of waking me up on the dot at 5:15am every morning!

Dear ktk (aka anonymous),

I hope that there is some serious cute footage to come. He is so awesome I love to just look at him and think of how devastating gorgeous he is.

Then after I move away from the mirror...

Dear Grandma J,

The kids here go to school based on the yearly calendar. So They start in early February and finish in mid December. They get nothing like the super long summer vacations that we got!

Thanks for the info on the rawhides. That is horrible! I don't normally get them because they unroll and then you get slimey sheets of rawhide laying everywhere... which, you know, is sooo much worse than slimey bits of a gigantic brown pig's ear.

One of the funniest stories happened about a week after Toby came home. Stuart and I were in the spa and Toby could not stand to be at any distance from he, so he jumped right in and fell asleep on my chest.

Dear Mom #1

I am so happy to read that everything is alright with Baby Boy! Now you can really celebrate these holidays.

You would have to waiting to read my essay on why I hate Mary Ingalls! That one is taking the me the longest to write because I have to go back and watch all nine seasons of the show to get every last point as to why she drives me insane (but not as insane as Carrie Ingalls).

How was The Nutcracker?

Dear Pumpkin Delight,

Bad boys do it for you, eh? LOL

My mafia names (yes, I have four accounts to get the maximum addiction load) are highly unsexy. They are 1. Sophia Petrillo, 2. Dorothy Szbornak, 3. Tony Pianostrings and 4. Hot Lips Zucchini.

Not quite what you were hoping for?

Oh by the way, I have put your Sweet Potato and Apple recipe up on the site. I just haven't put up the site yet! Many thanks for letting me use it!

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