Thursday, December 25, 2008


A couple days ago, over on Grandma J the beautiful Grandma J showed off her favourite christmas decorations, then asked if we had any that had to put up every year.

I have a few special ornaments and decorations that go up every year, but the most special one to me is a little man that hangs on a door knob.

When you pull the string that is hanging from in between his legs, he does the Christmas splits.

I once, regretfully, lived in Milwaukee for a year and a half. While my time there was wrought with freezing cold weather and depression, I was fortunate enough to live a beautiful apartment building on the lake.

I could write a book about the people and happenings in this building. The 70% of the residents were retirees who sold their houses in the suburbs to live in the city. Noboby went to the mailboxes unless they impeccably dressed and in full hair and make-up.

Down the hall lived a wonderful elderly couple, John and Jean, whom I struck up a good friendship. Every Christmas she put this little man on her door knob. Once at a holiday cocktail party I was telling Jean how wonderful the little man is. The next morning as I was heading out the door for work, the little man was has hanging on my door knob.

Jean loved birdwatching and her son gave her a caged bird, which then caused her to develop Psittacosis. A few weeks after I was given the little man, Jean died.

Every year I when I see little man I think of Jean and wish her a Merry Christmas.

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