Thursday, July 31, 2008

Test Tube Tryout [working title of show]

I have two loves in my life, 1. Musicals and 2. Food (if you are reading this honey, I love you too). Recently I have been thinking that I should really focus this blog on musicals, and do as La Marilyn suggests: "Specialize".

Fuck it.

Gentle reader, as you know, like my life this blog has no direction. Why should it? It's a blog, not a Fortune 500 corporation.

Now I am officially introducing my love of food with "TEST TUBE TRYOUT" (I am still working on the name). During Test Tube, I will experiment with making food found in restaurants and create new recipes.

So you can play along, I am planning for Test Tube to appear on Thursdays (fortnightly for now), giving you plenty of time to go food shopping and tryout the recipe on Saturday.

And take photos!!!

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