Thursday, July 3, 2008

50-100-50 Challenge is a... Challenge. (29/50)

My gentle reader, you may remember back to the time when I agreed to partake in the 50-100-50 challenge. This meant that I needed to write 50 100 word posts in 50 days. That was a nearly impossible task so I tweeked the rules a bit. to a 50 - 50 challenge (that's 50 posts in 50 days). According to guidelines I set for myself, I should have surpassed the 50 post mark about two weeks ago.

Instead I am still slogging out post #29. At this rate, I should complete the 50-50 challenge sometime around Christmas.

Despite this humiliating experience, My intention of starting the 50-50 challenge was to get in the habit of actually updating my blog more than once a month. In this light, my mission has been accomplished!

My blog has turned from a long forgotten chore into an enjoyable task. Some days when I sit down to write a post little mice and birds come into the room and start to sing and make me a lovely ball gown.... no, honest!

Of course those little bitch mice can never get my measurements correct.

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