Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On a Serious Note...

The other night, I was watching the Australian version of 60 Minutes where they showcased a story about three very young kids who were killed by their own father in a murder / suicide two weeks ago. The mother of these three kids was being interviewed about her experience with the father and her memories of the children.

The woman spent a lot of time relaying to us that the 15 years she was married to the father, he had been a physically abusive husband. After his “outbursts” she would forgive him and take him back because she loved him and did want her kids to be without her father.

On several occasions the police were called, the husband was charged with assault and AVOs were set in place. After the third AVO, the husband was released from jail, rang his wife and asked her to come pick him up and bring him home.

Unfortunately, as the foolish actions of the abused has proved she went and picked him up and brought him home… All the while thinking that she would get him home and THEN take her kids and leave.

What a simple plan. Let’s go pick up the man that just beat me to a pulp and then leave him. Sounds like a winning idea to me.

She somehow eventually flees the home, without her kids. As she stated in the interview, she felt that her kids would be safe with him as he never laid a finger on them.

Until one day, the father felt the pressure that he would lose his kids and decided he could not live without them. He placed two pipes into the window of his car, jammed the doors shut, taped all the windows, placed himself and his three very young kids into the car and proceeded to fill the car with exhaust fumes.

60 Minutes attempted to make the mother out to be a victim. I am not buying it.

The mother felt so in danger of her life, that she fled the home and did not take her kids. I feel all she was thinking about was her self. In the end she got what she was looking for. Sure her kids may be dead as a result of her actions, but she is still alive.

As disgusting as her actions sound, it does showcase the warped mental state of the abused. They are the product of contrived manipulation and fear. A good friend of mine works as a counsellor in a Women’s Refuge. The abuser has placed such a deep rooted fear in the abused that often my friend will see the same women return to the facility three or four times, before they are able to leave the home situation, and in some cases this is only because of their own death.

If you are being abused, I urge of you to seek help. If you have children, I urge of you to take them with you. Please put the long-term health and safety of your children ahead of your own need to be with your abuser.

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