Friday, May 2, 2008

Nobody Likes Long Posts (2/50)

Control Issues Part Two. Nobody likes to read long blog posts. Just think of this as Oprah and then "Oprah: After the Show".

On the internet there is tons of information on Control Issues and Being Controlled. One of these sites is uber-annoying (because he is always right) Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil takes a very black & white approach by stating that you need to evaluate the "costs" of the situation and if it is costing you your identity, dreams or dignity then the cost is too high.

On ya Dr. Phil! But for us folks where life isn't so cut and dry, I found this site here:

This site has checklists! There is nothing better than checklists in diagnosing seriously psychological issues! So, in the spirit of Dr Phil, let's get real and do this check list together and see how many people who read Hula Hank have control issues (and I know who the one reader is so no cheating).

The first checklist is: "Need to Control: A Self Assessment" Are your pencils ready?

My answers:

X 3. You hate to be out of control or to lose your control
X 6. You hate to have peopl see your true feelings especially if they are angry, unpleasant or negative.
X 8. You are afraid of being manipulated or led into doing something you really don't want to do.
X 11. You have an image, dream or ideal of the way things are supposed to be and you work at trying to get it to be that way. (Is this a bad thing?"

The note at the bottom says If you have checked 3 or more, you have a tendency to overcontrol the people, places and things in your life.

I checked 4. I have the need to control.

What were your results?

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