Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Was Born Too Soon and Started Too Late! (5/50)

I had a very rough weekend. I will say no more, except that I am still on track with my 50-100-50 minus 100.
On Sunday, I watched the Bette Midler version of "Gypsy" for about the 100th time. Yes 100 times. If you think that is sick, I wanted to watch it again on Monday and I am thinking that I may put it on later tonight.
Bette Midler is so fantastic at in this role, the part of Mama Rose was made for her. (Ethel Who?)
I also read this weekend that the movie version of the musical version of Sunset Boulevard is getting closer to turning into reality.
Whilst I am not for Andrew Lloyd Weber, I am all for the making of more quality movie musicals. We have had a good run with Chicago, Dreamgirls, Hairspray and Sweeney Todd (although I have yet to see that one.) and I hope that Hollywood doesn't start to fuck up the renewed interest in this genre.
In relations to Sunset Boulevard, the names being tossed around for the role of Norma Desmond are Glenn Close (who won the Tony for this role) and Barbra Streisand. Whilst I loves me some Babs, I just can't see her as Norma Desmond.
I hope they scrap both of them and go for Bette Midler. She was born to be Norma Desmond! Sometimes I get the feeling that Bette even wishes that she was as Norma Desmond!
As I will not be jet-setting off to Las Vegas to see Ms Midler in her larger than life concert, my only consolation is her appearance in the soon to be released re-make of the The Women. That was not a link, I used the font colour of "Jungle Red".

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