Friday, May 2, 2008

Control Issues Continued (3/50)

Let’s continue with “Handling the Need to Control”

Moving on to the next checklist entitled “Control Mechanisms: A Self Assessment”

Pencils out. Eyes down. Begin.

X 1. You act helpless, incompetent or lost.
X 14. You play up on their guilt and over responsible nature to get what you want.
X 16. You fall apart when faced with having to do something which you would rather not do
X17. You play up to a person who has a need to fix things that have gotten so “out of control” for you.

Again, according to the note at the bottom of the checklist, if you have checked more that 3 items, you over use control mechanisms to get people to do what you could do for yourself.

So what have I learned by this exercise, besides the fact that the people at have a wild tendency to overuse commas? I ignore any task that I do not want to complete and then play the dumb blonde so others can take pity and do it for me.

Is feigning incompetence or stupidity really an attractive trait in a person? I most certainly wouldn’t put up with that act from anyone. Do I have zero patience for this routine because I know from experience that it is a routine?

I also use guilt for manipulative purposes. Is that so bad? I figure if the other party has done something to feel guilty, then they probably need to do the required task to make up for whatever is they feel guilty about.

See? Everyone wins!

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