Monday, October 27, 2008


After a scary yet stunning drive cliff's edge drive along Highway 1 South from Carmel is the large region of Big Sur.

Big Sur is a large area known for it's large redwood trees and bohemian spiritual centres. In the 1920s there were only 2 homes in the entire area had electricity, the rest were powered locally by water wheels and windmills. This primitive set-up lasted until the early 1950s when Big Sur was finally connected to the power grid.

We decided to stretch our legs in the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. In the air you can smell a mixture of pine and the humid sea mist. There is a reddish and green glow as the sun shines through the branched of the ancient trees.

Don't get lost in the poetry, you need to be on the look out for mountain lions!

This particular tree cross section can be dated back before the Magna Carta was signed, to save you looking the Magna Carta up on Wikipedia, it was signed in 1215.

In Big Sur, The Son climbed on top and any tree, rock or fence, The Man saw a mountain lion and I screamed (not because of the mountain lion, but because I realised I was wearing that shirt yet again!).

From Big Sur it was time to gain some ground and find a place to break for the night. Our goal was to get to San Simeon (home of the Hearst Castle) however, we missed the last tour of the castle (it was only 2:30) so we travelled onwards to a port town called Morro Bay, whose highlight was a big rock island in the bay and more seals.

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