Monday, October 6, 2008


We are into the second or third week of our trip. I have lost track of days and time, so maybe Pumpkin Delight can tell me which week it is. LOL
I have started posting about the trip from the beginning, starting in San Francisco and will continue every few days until I run out of trip stories. So far everything has been amazing!
Except when we arrived in Cleveland, the drop in temperature made us all very sick and our bodies seemed to fall apart. Here is a list of all the medication we bought in the first two days:
Tylenol Tension Headache
Excedrin Extra Strength
Oraginic Green Tea
Both of my sisters who are nurses made us get the natural remedies. I thought that was funny.
It has been very relaxing and slow out here at my mom's place in the country, with the exception of Thrifty renting us a very dirty and mechanically faulty car.
When we went to return the car, a very rude woman name Laura who works at the Cleveland Airport car rental centre was immediately degrading and obnoxious, refused to call the manager and told us, and I quote, "With attitudes like that no wonder you were given a faulty car."
So if you are ever at the Cleveland airport rental centre and get serviced by a woman named Laura (You can miss her. She has teased hair, blue eyeshadow and frosted pink lipstick) tell her I said "Hi."
Oh! Today is Monday! I need to tell you all about 9 to 5: the Musical!!!

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