Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hello! I missed you guys so much!
We finally made it out of LA, visited Las Vegas for a gambling-free, alcohol-free two days (I know, right?) and I currently sit in my mother's house way outside of Cleveland.
You see, whilst I grew up in the city, my mother grew up on a huge 200 acres which (in current road travel times) is about an hour outside of Cleveland. It was her life goal to build a house on this land, and about 10 years ago, she finally achieved that goal and built a quaint little 2 storey home here.
There are wild turkeys running around and amish buggies trolloping down the dirt road. The leaves are just changing colours now.
But most importantly, she has the internet!!
I have spent a good chunk of the morning catching up on your blogs and thinking about how I am even going to begin to start to share this journey with you. Also, the changes in temperature from super hot desert to early Autumn great lakes has given all of us horrible sinus/weather change issues.
I think first up, before I even start to post about the very beginning of the trip, I start by writing up a post about the Fabulous Lunch I had with The Jason Show, Pumpkin Delight and Grandma J.
PS I know that I should have linked the above blogs, but I am too ill to do so now, but you can link to them from my blog roll and when I tell you about the lunch I will do an excessive amount of links to these fabulous people!

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