Saturday, October 4, 2008


OK, It is already news, as I am sure you have read about this lunch on The Jason Show, Pumpkin Delight and Grandma J I better write about it before it is too late!

So one day last week (The days have blurred and I can't remember the day) The Jason Show, Pumpkin Delight and Grandma J all met up for brunch at a fabulous restuarant at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Outside of this restuarant was a fountain that "danced" to Donna Summer tunes! This fountain is where I managed to get my only photo of the lunch.

Grandma J had the vivid facial expression, and I took an instant liking to her because she reminded me of my favourite aunt. She told us this hilarious story with is featured on her blog about a trip to the doctor and a mayonaisse jar full of urine.

Jason and Pumpkin Delight told me that teachers actually hate when their classrooms have to dress up!

This came as a surprise to me because when I was growing up, the teachers always looked like they enjoyed it but now I know what they really thought!!

Before I go on, Jason's husband and son are the most adorable and gracious people one could ever hope to meet!

Out of all of LA, even seeing 9 to 5: the musical and seeing Nia Vardolos (sp?)(From My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Connie & Carla fame)at 9 to 5: the musical, this lunch was one of the most special moments of the trip thusfar.

Also I just looked at the photo of the lunch and realised that I think I have worn that top every third day

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